Roebling Road thread


Roebling bound types. Impound. We’re going to inspect decals. Cliffnotes:
-Side #'s need to be min.10" with good color contrast.
-Front/rear #'s need to be min.5"
-SE30 or Spec E30 on both sides, front (white) and rear (white & backwards) windows. min. 3". Yes, that means 4 of these.
-Driver name, ~3" on rear passenger windows and windshield.
4x NASA decals & TOYO decals
Kill switch and E decals

Biggest problems.

  1. No front/rear # or wrong size.
  2. No SE30 or Spec E30 markings.
  3. No name on passenger window. Especially renters.

All this stuff will get you DQ’d at Nationals so lets get them fixed pls.


22 Signed up as of 3Jan. Awesome.
Dave Hickey
Turner Hilliard
Philippe Pellerin
Steve Lako
Bill Zawrotney (triumphant return)
Ty Young
Ryan Whitinger
Paul Patrick
James Hartridge
Scott Gress
Walter Araya
Emmanuel Baako (I spell that right?)
Forrest Vaughan
Chris Mato
Jon Stroup
Joel Barber
Alex Barroso (triumphant return)
Fred Switzer
On Saturday we expect to have the 2018 INVERTED FIELD UNLIMITED (IFU).The race will probably start at 5. Cost will be an extra $75 or thereabouts. IFU races are unforgettable collections of race format hijinks.


Thanks for the heads-up.

Look forward to RRR and the first time out with the new shocks.



Current progress indicates mine will be ready for RRR as well. Jamie has the tower covered, so I expect I’ll be joining all the races. Add me to the list.


Robert - You got your new shocks/springs already? I don’t expect to have the in time for RRR.



Looking like a good field. Arjun expects to be there as well.


[quote=“zurbo” post=83537]Robert - You got your new shocks/springs already? I don’t expect to have the in time for RRR.

I’m so envious.
The problem, apparently, at GC is that the rear springs turned out to be a little goofed. So they had qo quickly go back to Eibach for a redo. I contacted GC and asked if they’d be willing to ship front only, thinking that us RR types could get our front springs installed which is a 90% solution. The new rear springs just aren’t that different. But I think GC is going to say that they want to ship complete kits.

I bet that we don’t have them in time for CMP, but then EVERYONE gets them immed after. So the springs get “phased in” after all. Therefore maybe those on fb that complained re. the lack of a gradual phase in will withdraw their misgivings.

Probably not tho .


Haters gonna hate.


I ordered them back in December, but just gave them away to Sandro for his new orange car.

I’ll tool around on the old set up like everyone else.