Rod bearing


Does anyone know a source of +.50mm or .20 over rod bearings?


Joel, why? this is a good excuse to buy a car.

With all the cheap cores out there it is less expensive to not spend the $$$ for crank turning/oversize bearings. Find a good solid core and rebuild with polished crank and standard bearings?



not sure you should cut a BMW crank that much…ditto what patton said


Nothing wrong with .20 over when the big guys bought out the small guys they just stopped making the bigger bearings because some cost analysis guys said they weren’t profitable enough. Had crank turned at SpartenCrank, one of the best on the east coast, and they turned it second oversize not realizing you can’t get bearings anymore. Might find some on the shelf somewhere, if not, lesson learned.


Hey guys, Andrew from E30 Racing Inc. in Australia. I can supply ACL Race Series bearings to you guys from Aus. These are the bearings l use for my customers M20B25’s that l supply to the series in Aus. Made in Australia.

You can look at the bearings here and read the tech on them.