Road Atlanta thread


We should have some MidAtl guys coming down so it will likely be a big field, woohoo!

Spend the $20 and get a banquet ticket. We’ve got some SpecE30 types that will be getting special 2016 awards.

Be thinking about Sebring in early Jan. Our Summer break is going to be short. Folks up North that might be thinking about Sebring and Roebling Road, give me some warning time and I’ll find you a place to park your trailer in Savannah. That will make it really easy for you to come back down and do Roebling a couple weeks later.


we are working on making the trip down. if anyone needs a ride let me know.


Folks, recall that the December race is the “Toy Run”. That means that we each bring an unwrapped toy worth <$20 to get us in the gate. Alternately there will be a “gate fee” of $10.

There’s a lot of giveaways at the banquet. Some of them are serious, like free track weekends. Dress warm tho, the banquet can be chilly.


Hey, if anyone here uses Hawk racing pads, I have a $100 gift cert I can’t use. Make me an offer via ctbimmer [at]

Cert is good until 12/31/16


If you are in the running for 2016 season podium, pls check out the 2016 points. If you think there is an error, pls give me a holler.


2017 tech. Sebring coming so soon in 2017 could create some challenges for folks getting their car teched before getting on the track for the first session. I’ve been approved to do 2017 tech at RA. This assumes that you won’t be making any safety changes, nor any “serious” mechanical work between RA and Sebring a month later. I’ll have the forms.

If I do your tech, that obligates you to help me out with providing lunch at some 2017 event. I probably won’t ask you to bring caviar and escargot. Call it along the lines of bringing $40 worth of chow. That’s a lot cheaper then paying NASA $100 for tech. And you earn the love of your fellow hungry SpecE30 types.