Road Atlanta info

Saturday Qual Grid	

35 Sandro Espinosa
36 Rob Eskew
37 Alex Barroso
38 Christopher Matos
39 Steven Lako
40 Ty Young
41 John Clark
42 Philippe Pellerin
43 Barry Zurbuchen
44 A-A-Ron Whitinger
45 Fred Switzer
46 Turner “Aidan” Hilliard
47 Walter Araya
48 Scott Gress
49 Steve Rowlands
50 Eric Crawshaw
51 Michael Rohrbaugh
52 Team Little Trees Patton
53 Michael Young
54 Jeffrey Tyrell
55 Jonathan Stroup
56 Joey Townsend
57 Mike Tempel
58 Jeremy Buckingham
59 Howard Chapman
60 Justin Barnes

  1. Bring extra fuel. If you don’t know why, PM me. It’s a “secret” .

  2. We’re parking up on top of the bluff over turn 4. Event is being run out of the Pro Pits.

  3. It’s the Toy Run. Bring an unwrapped toy and have it in the truck with you because they’ll be collected at the gate. No toy and it’s a $20 charge for messing with some kid’s Christmas.

  4. Remember there’s a big banquet Sat night and it is off site. There’s a link to the place on the NASA-SE page. SpecE30 has rented the place out for some extra hours for our own after-party party. Hopefully you’ve already bought tickets. If you play a musical instrument, bring it. We’re probably going to try to do the SpecE30 jam session again.

  5. We’re going to try to do 2019 tech as many cars as we can this weekend. Grab Fred or I at your convenience. Download the forms at Tech Inspection – High Performance Driving in the Southeast Getting teched at Roebling in Jan might be a problem because I might get dragged away from the event Friday afternoon. So lets avoid a Jan goatscrew by getting cars teched this weekend.

  6. If your DME hasn’t been sealed with SE Inspection tape, pls bring it to me for inspection before the first timed session. Don’t risk getting DQ’d in the Saturday double-points race. You’d make both of us feel like shit over that