Removing Heater Core -- What MUST I retain?


The previous owner of my SE30 was a bit “lighter” than I am, and was able to make weight with windows/regulators and the heater core still installed. Me, I’m having a harder time getting down to weight. So I pulled the windows and am now making plans for the heater core.

The question I have is really about what must be retained for rules compliance. With the heater core and A/C gone, I have no need for the HVAC controls on the interior. Can I remove them all?

What I’d really like to do is something like this, as seen on a fellow racer’s dash:

Reading the rules, however, I see the following:

[quote] The following interior components may be removed: carpeting, seats, headliner (to
include the leading plastic panel), console, radio/cd/cassette/navigation/trip computer
systems, OEM seat belts, speakers, glove box door, panels under the dash, grab
handles, driver and passenger door (front and rear) window glass and mechanisms,
heating and cooling system interior ducts, rear passenger compartment trim panels (side
panels and fabric package shelf) and sun visors. The third brake light shall remain in
place and a custom bracket may be used to secure it to the steel package shelf. [/quote]

It mentions the interior ducts, but says nothing about the controls. Can I remove them, or must I keep them?


“Associated parts” is read into this rule.


The word “systems” is how I justified gutting the harness. Replacing the controls with a switch/gauge panel is ok with anyone.