Remove oil level sensor?

#1 Oil pans, pan baffles, scrapers, windage trays, and oil pickups are unrestricted. Oil pressure relief valves may be modified or removed.

I imagine this means removing the oil level sensor is legal? Is the sensor only used to trigger a “check engine” light when it’s way too low? Figure I’m more interested in oil pressure anyway.

Only reason I’m considering it is if it gets me a little more room for oil in the pan. You know, because that one or two ounces could make or break my engine. :slight_smile:




Yes you can remove the sensor and cap off the hole if you want. Not much advantage to this tho. Most folks just cut the wire.

Since you’re in the pan, this is the time to do some nice oil control measures. If you look around this subforum you’ll see some good solutions.


Yay, the forum ate my first response. :expressionless:

Anyways, thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

I’m planning to install the steel I-J scraper and the VAC baffle. Question about the original baffle – does it come off the way the E36 baffle does by grinding down the “3rd” mount point?




I don’t know about the e36 baffle. I drill out the AL rivet sort of thing that fastens in the OEM baffle, so it sounds like we’re talking about the same thing.

You should also look into putting a little door in the OEM baffle so oil from the left side of the pan can rush towards the pump. You can fab your own or get the iX part and mod to fit. Info on both is elsewhere in this subforum.


I’m pretty sure the VAC baffle replaces the OEM baffle, right? It has the little one-way door I think you’re talking about…

Or are you referring to something else…?



I went and looked at the VAC baffle. I agree that it replaces the OEM baffle and has the door. That’s a good solution. Drive on sir.

Wouldn’t hurt to seal the openings around the baffle with JBWeld. That will make it seal around the edges. JBWeld is nicely resistant to petroleum.


Is it a bad idea to JB weld the new baffle in on that “3rd mount point”, too?

I had a local shop do the baffle weld for me on the E36 oil pan – basically slightly larger than a tack weld on that 3rd mount point. But I can’t get anyone to give me the time of day when I call around and ask now. Guess it’s too small a job. I even had one dude tell me “I don’t do automotive”. I said, “but I’m basically bringing you two pieces of metal and asking for a tack weld”. “I don’t do automotive.” Huh??

Wondering if JB’ing it in there would hold… it’d have to be strong enough to hold up to the force of oil sloshing around, heat, and vibration. But I have no experience with JB weld’s capability. Doesn’t seem like a lot of force, but maybe that’s asking too much of the goop.