Reclaiming your old username


All of the old usernames, passwords, and email addresses have been imported into the new forum. To reclaim your old username, attempt to login using your old username and password If your old password was <8 characters, the new forum won’t accept it. So use the reset password link to direct the forum to send you an email that will let you do exactly that.

if you no longer have access to your old email address, give Scott Gress a holler (scott (at) gress (dot) org) and he’ll set the email address on your account to anything you want.

New password has to be 8 characters or more. Sorry, but that’s hardcoded.

Logging on with your facebook ID can cause problems if you had an account at the old forum. Those old accounts were imported to the new forum.

  1. New you isn’t the old you. Altho the new site will allow you to log in with your facebook identity, that is not the same “you” that made all those posts in years past. So any posts you create under your facebook ID will not be the same “you”.

  2. If the email address associated with your facebook account is the same as is associated with your old SpecE30 account, the new forum will probably get suspicious and prevent you from, I dunno, something. Dating your sister maybe.

  3. Old accounts are immediately “Trusted”. As long as you participated in the old Forum, your old account that you should “seize” here has more “permissions” then any new account you could create. This is because new accounts are “untrusted” until they write a few and read a bunch of posts in the forum. Until that happens, the software thinks they might be a spammer. If you do create a new account, contact a Mod and he can tell the software that you are trustworthy. You are on your own, however, with “trustworthy” on your Tinder profile.