Rebuilt ABS pumps



I am offering a cheaper alternative for rebuilt ABS pumps. My pumps failed and I needed a more affordable solution, so I developed some tooling and established a procedure.

Disassembled, Cleaned, Inspected, Tested, Bench-Bled, and returned.

I don’t spend as much time on appearances - no vapor honing or zinc plating. Functionally these will be back to spec.
I have ran the first two I rebuilt for a full season in Champcar now, including multiple wins. I’ve had multiple rental drivers comment on the difference vs last year.

There are two main failures I see in these, corrosion and congealing fluid.

The internal surfaces are not rust-proofed and the tolerances are tight. If it gets bad enough, the shuttles in the solenoids will stick, or worse the aluminum case will begin to gall/flake off.

The fluid gells up also, and the passages through the internal solenoids are absolutely miniscule so the smallest bit of debris can shut the show down.

Thanks to Al Taylor I have a good stock of core pumps to pull from, which gives me spare parts if anything has permanent damage.