Rebuilding struts/shocks


Fat Cat Motorsports, Redwood City, CA. Relocating to TN soon.
650 839-0290
SuspensionTruth at gmail dot com

Ask for Shaikh. Make it clear you’re a SpecE30 racer.

Background. In Mar18 I called all over hell looking for someone who could rebuild our struts. Lots of folks pointed me towards different vendors, but each time I chased down the lead, I came up empty. Everyone thinks that “someone” does it, but they don’t. Bilstein not only doesn’t rebuild shocks, they are surprised that anyone is.

I talked to this Shaikh dude at length. My impression is that he really has his act together. The downside is that a fair amount of labor goes into the rebuild so it’s not cheap. No cost savings to be had. But you do end up with a dyno print out for each of your shocks/struts, so there’s no “hoping” that your stuff is right.

Bilstein availability is iffy right now. If you can find them new for a decent price, I’d do that. If you can’t, I’d have this outfit rebuild your shocks.

Oh, I did find one other outfit that said they could rebuild our shocks, but they said 6 month turn-around. That makes me think that they plan to “figure it out” on the first shocks we send them.


Did Fatcat give you any idea what their turnaround time would be, typically?


I think they said 3wks.