Rear Suspension Issues


Any of you rear suspension gurus able to e-diagnose…

I have the car (finally) out of the moth balls getting ready for RA two weeks ago. Get her on the alignment rack and I have 6mm toe out on the passenger side rear. Only 1.6 degrees of neg camber. Last time I raced at RA I got hit right in front of the rear tire. It looks like very slight paint transfer on the rr wheel as well (wheel is straight). Not a hard hit, but enough to spin me out in 8. Prior to that I had -2.5 camber. Neutral toe. No adjusters, no Eccentrics.

Drivers side checks out at neutral toe. -2.4 camber

Any vets with what is most likely wrong in there? Subframe? RTA?


My guess would be rear trailing arm. BTDT. Frame/alignment shop should be able to get it right again. Or you could just replace it.


Yep, probably a bent trailing arm.