Rear bar choice?


Has anyone gone back to the stock bar? I have seen the 16mm around, but would like to have someone feedback before purchasing a new bar.

At almost every race I have been needing to unhook the rear bar to balance the amount of front grip I can get these days. Recently installed the stock bar, but personally the stock bar is really really soft, it’s almost like running unhooked.

What do you guys run?


I like the 16mm bar in the medium setting. That is slightly stiffer than stock sway bar, I believe.


I have the Ireland infinitely adjustable bar and I have it at the absolute loosest setting I can give it. It works pretty well for me like that.


I like the AAF design for its wide range of adjustability and the way how you can disconnect it: AAF E30 16MM Rear Sway Bar – Advanced Auto Fabrication