Hey everyone, I’m new here, so please be kind. I am helping my son with a former spec E 30 car. I say former because it now has a 2.9 in it. He is planning to run it in vintage and various Enduro series. First time out was this weekend at Ozarks international raceway. Car developed a stumble at corner exit, and later started cutting out completely. Will always restart if you let it sit for a while. I know it could be dozens of different things, what I’m really interested in is a manual or literature that will help me learn the car. I believe everything is stock type ‘89 325i withe exception of the chip. Where should I start my reading?


The E30 Bentley manual is a must have publication. It has limited electrical diagnostic, but at least has wiring diagrams.


Welcome and good luck. There is sometimes a problem with fuel starvation coming out of left handers especially when fuel levels are low. You might want to check your fuel pump(s) and filter etc particularly if the car sat a while.