Rainlight for Fall VIR event


We have a dual event at VIR in the Fall. It’s been a while since we’ve done this and we’re bigger now then we were the last time. So there’s every reason to expect a really big crowd of us, and all of the awesomeness that implies.

We need to be aware of this rainlight requirement tho. Pls start thinking about what you’re going to do. Your OEM tallights are not bright enough to meet the requirement.


The specific section in the Mid Atlantic supplemental rules is this:

5.4 Rain Race Mandatory Equipment

To be approved to run in a rain race, it is recommended to run a rear fia afterburner rain/brake light shown here:
Afterburner FIA Rain/Brake Light, Weather Pack Connector - Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies
Have functional rear running tail lights of acceptable visibility to be approved by the Race Director. Rear lights must be on at all times during any rain race. Any infraction not acceptable to these standards will result in a black flag during the race or disqualification. This standard will be effective immediately for 2017.

The full set of supplemental regulations is here:



Just a data point on these wizbang Zevo Red taillights. One took a dump on me last weekend after being installed for just a few months, and very little use. Will be replacing with a $1 bulb…


They are supposed to have a lifetime warranty. Maybe give them a call, email them the receipt (from Amazon?) and they’ll send you another pair.


Yup, going to try.


Update: Bulb was fine. Turns out the + contact was corroded, after only a couple of months installed… Cleaned contact and it works fine. Was surprised that it corroded so fast though.