Race drops for calculation of 2016 points.


2 drops. That’s 2 races, not 2 weekends.

If anyone has strong feelings re. the # of race drops, we ought to talk about it. I don’t really have strong feelings on the issue. I think Fred feels the same way. If there is some consensus re. a certain # of drops, then that’s what we ought to do.


I would prefer 4 races instead of 2. It is a very long season and sometimes you simply can’t make an event.


I say what he said, and I don’t have a dog in the fight.



What was the decision on this topic Scott?


I interpret the lack of response as folks not having strong feelings on the issue. If folks cared, we’d have 5 pages of ranting here. Theoretically we ought to decide at the beginning of the season, but why don’t we let the issue go a couple months and see if others get involved in this thread? Lets remind folks each race weekend that if they give a darn about race drops, to come to this thread.

Then we’ll revisit this in a couple months and see if there’s some consensus.

Obviously more drops favors the fastest guys, and fewer drops makes it more of an “attendance award.” So the question becomes…where do we want the slider bar to be in the scale of “fastest” vs. “fastest with best attendance.” Personally, I kinda like the idea of “fastest with best attendance” which is why I favor fewer drops.

  1. I don’t really pay much attention to the finish order of a typical Sat or Sun race. I’m oriented on “did folks have fun?” and “is anyone unhappy about on-track conduct.”

  2. The monthly race winner already gets all sorts of recognition, hardware and contingencies.

  3. What’s important to me is guys showing up at the track, that is to say attendance. Lets say that on any given weekend, chances are the winner will be one of 3-4guys. These are all close buddies, and I have a lot less fun if one or more don’t show up. So I figure that if the #2 fastest guy in the region ends up with more points because of fewer drops, I’m good with that. #2 guy showed up more often and I had more fun because he showed up.

That’s why I lean towards fewer drops. But I think the group should decide because other folks are going to have their own opinions. So if a consensus emerges lets do that.


No dog, opinion only. Kyle Busch missed 11 races and still won the championship. That’s 1/3 of the season. With 12 weekends (not including nationals), dropping 2 full weekends is only 1/6 of the season. What’s the connection between those 2 numbers? Nothing, just know it’s hard for everyone to make the whole season. And Kyle Busch is an asshole.


[quote=“bedmonds” post=82307]And Kyle Busch is an asshole.[/quote]i have no idea what your,point is, but love the way you punctuated it.


I love the way this thread is going. I’m missing at least 4 races this year unless CMP has completely changed by the polishing they did over the winter, it just destroys tires and usually low turn out there.

I think 4 race drops is a great idea, hahahahaha!

Lewis Hamilton showed up to all the races and won the championship, he’s still an asshole! :laugh:


Sandro has spoken!!! 4 drops. :slight_smile:


Keep the drops coming and one of the Group Three Racing boys will be in the mix:evil:


Based on this thread, which didn’t seem to get much interest, we’ll go with 3 drops for 2016. I should have made sure this issue came back and got discussed early in the year, so my fault.

From now on, we’ll go with 3 drops for season points calculation. If folks want to re-open this debate, start a thread next Fall for 2017. Otherwise, we’ll just go with 3 drops forever.

Also, I’m withdrawing from the annual points competition. I have to go to all events anyways so that artificially boosts my points. So if I’m in contention for an annual points podium position, it’s more fair for someone else to get the big Toyobucks associated with annual champs.


That’s mighty cool of you!


Well, as it ultimately worked out, I sacrificed 4th place. The traditional 4th place award is, I think, a dead possum.


That can only be one person. lol

You’re a good dude, Scott!


We Will get this lack of communication with grand poobah Pantas thing fixed by declaration 2017.