Quart of oil = 5mm on your stick


The pic below shows the normal Full and Low mark, and also a mark I cut into the stick a couple years ago to ID the 6Qt line. I thought it might be useful to the community to ID the fact that putting in a quart of oil equals 5mm on the stick. So the next time you’re a little low or a little high on the stick, you’ll know how much. Until I finally got around to marking the 6Qt point, I always had to guess.

Assumptions necessary to make 6Qt figure accurate:

  1. Your oil filter is full of oil. It has a valve in it that keeps oil in the filter. It shouldn’t backwash into the sump when you turn the engine off. I’m not sure how much oil goes into a filter. A cup maybe (1/4qt)?

  2. Your oil cooler is full of oil or you don’t have an oil cooler. It too has a valve to prevent backwashing, so unless you’ve disconnected and drained your oil cooler, your old oil is still in there. I don’t know how much it holds either. Maybe 1/2qt?


Qt of oil = 5mm on your dip stick