Putnam Park this weekend


Where do we normally paddock? Looks like there should be 8 of us. Is Michael arriving early w. cones?


I’ll be there around 8 or 9 Friday morning. I can help reserve some space, but I’m not really sure where everyone normally paddocks.


I won’t be there till early evening. Denny is not going so only 7 of us. Last year we were able to get across from NASA central. Otherwise it is where ever we can find space. I’ll have lunch Saturday and Sunday as usual.


Andrew, you’ll need caution tape or something to “rope” and area off otherwise people will park there when you are not looking.

If someone would send an email to the group list once the space is marked off, so we know when pulling in which way to go, that would be great!


On the somewhat unlikely chance I can get out there on Friday morning, how many feet per car does one usually need? 20’? By 50’?


I’ve acquired some caution tape. I’ll try and rope off a section large enough for 7 cars and will post here afterwards.


I have an area marked off with caution tape directly behind the tower in the gravel. There weren’t any paved spots big enough for 7 cars by the time I got here.


Wow, already? Thanks Andrew, see you this evening sometime.


Tell me about it! I got here at 8a. People must have been in line when the gate opened at 7a.


Been there, done that.


Last year I did thurs morning! One more reason why I don’t mind missing that event.