Prepping a car? I need some parts off it!!!


My son and I are redoing a 1990 325is and need some interior parts that are NLA.

Specifically we need the sunroof interior headliner panel. They are fragile and get beat up.

But we would also love to pick up any clean interior pieces and parts as you pull them of the cars that are getting built.

Of course I’d be interested in Sport Seats (ha!) Or a glass sunroof (HAHA!)

My kids keep asking me why we sold the Spec E30 car years ago…it was becuase they were little at the time and it was the right thing to do. Now I have 2 total BMW gearheads who are talking about autocrosses and track days at 15 and 17.

So who knows maybe we will one day build another one and come back and play!

Cell is 804 767 1764. Email is ricbergstrom (At )