Post new site issues here so Ranger can help you


Thanks Ranger

I uploaded a picture to my profile.

It churned and said it was uploaded. But it was not.



@KNSBrakes1, not sure why that would be. Did you save it afterwards? Either way, if you can’t get it working, e-mail me at juliancates AT gmail DOT com with the picture and I can update it for you.


Sounds like you mean your Avatar, the little pic that represents you next to your name. Try a smaller pic, like maybe 300pix x 300pix. Pretty much all PC’s/Macs and most phones have photo editing functions that will let you size a pic like that. Then upload the smaller pic and see if the behavior changes. Avatar pics are usually pretty small, like 200pix. So if you were uploading a big pic, the software might have choked on it.

Welcome to the new


My RED Ranger stopped moving :frowning: .