Place to stash a truck/trailer near Nashville


Anyone in or near Nashville, I am likely looking for a place to stash my truck/trailer rig as close to downtown as possible for one night in late February. I have a company meeting followed by a quick dash down to Barber for the NASA event. Any suggestions?


Adam Nitty



Post something to both the Mid South NASAforums and Facebook sites. I am sure someone can help.


I’m a couple miles north of downtown in east Nashville. You’re more than welcome to stash your rig in my driveway. How long is it? My driveway is about 50’ long.



Donnie Whiteman is in Franklin TN which I believe is pretty close to downtown. His business, Das German, specializes in used E30 parts and he has a large fenced in lot with plenty of space to securely stash your trailer for a few days. If you need spares, he can hook you up with parts as well.


Cool, thanks everyone. Between this thread and some PMs I have a few options. The rig is a Nissan Armada and 20ft enclosed.

I will reach back out to the owners of the most promising offers a few weeks before the event next year to finalize a plan with the lucky winner!

Thanks again,