Pit Bull Brawl CMP


officially registered for my first HPDE1 event. Car is close to being sorted out. wheels/tires/brake pads/ and fluids. Anyone have some suggestions that might help out? Can i run the magnetic numbers on the side or does it have to be taped numbers? Also i’ve been told by the person in charge of NASA SE that i can accomplish the race car inspection form myself? Any insight would be great. I’m sure you guys see a lot of posts like this but i just want to be completely prepared when i show up at the track. I’ve been to CMP quite a few times so i’m very familiar with the layout. First step to adding another SE30 car to the grid.



Craig, where do you live? There is probably one of us near you. A 6pack can buy a lot of mentoring.

Unless you are pretty comfortable working on your car, I’d have a shop check it out. You want to be sure that your brakes and all maint items likes belts, hoses, shocks, bushings and bearings are in good shape.

There’s a million worthwhile suggestions. Poke around Bimmerforums and NASA forums for old threads on what newbies should know. You will never be completely prepared.

Your numbers just need to be clearly visible. How you get there is up to you.

Welcome aboard Craig, you’re going to have a blast.


I’m actually in Columbia SC. i would gladly like to bring the car by someone who has been in this game for a while. I can come with a case of beer instead haha. I have a shop here in town that has raced and races spec e30’s in scca solo competition. They seem to know there stuff in and out with the E30’s. Belts/hoses/bearings and bushings are all in the process. I have a bilstein race suspension on it now which i believe is illegal for spec e30 but i’ll go down that road when it comes. Pads/fluids and sway bars will all be good to go by May. Debating on Bimmerworld/Ireland Eng/ or suspension tech sway bars. I’m set on some new R888’s for DE’s and rota rb wheels. i know i will probably never be prepared since i’m doing this all from scratch but i’m looking to get the basics done for a succesful HPDE weekend. Kinda wondering about the car tech inspection though. Can it be done at the track? I have the form and i can easily check all the required items myself. Looking forward to progressing through all the DE’s and getting on the track with the most entertaining and exciting group. SE30!



Stick with street tires for DE1. Fill out the HPDE Tech form and check everything on it prior to arriving at the track and then you hand it to one of the tech inspectors and they will ask to look at your helmet and check your brake lights. They will give you your decal for the windshield and you are good to go.