PBOC @Sebring January 11-15th


The DriveGear crew will be heading down to Sebring again this year for the 6 hour night enduro on January 12th. This is our sixth year in a row for this event and it never disappoints. There is a 2 hour night practice on Wednesday and then the six hour enduro is on Thursday. Sebring is always rewarding and a blast to drive and we are looking forward to some great Florida weather. We have seats available if anyone would like to join us. Hopefully we will again see some more other SE30s in the field. BTW there is also drivers ed, sprint races, and an 1:30 enduro.

Andrew Z


On a related vein, the FL NASA region has announced a new Sebring date as well, Mar 31-Apr 1, 2012

This goes along with June (ugh, too hot) and October October 6-7, 2012 (just right)

Don’t know if 2012 is the year I finally make it to Sebring but I know I want to before I hang it up!


I am planning on doing two of the NASA Sebring events this year. Would be nice to have some more cars to race against.


For those of you itching to get back on track we do have 1 seat left for the PBOC enduros. Come on down to Sebring and have some fun! This event never disappoints and the 10 day forecast is looking good. The seat is $1500 + entry fee (about 300). We take credit cards! :laugh:



I’m registered and in and look forward to a great time!