PBOC event this weekend cancelled?


Anyone know why? I’m thinking about a grand plan of hitting Sebring in Jan and RA in Feb. I’d hate to get it all together and find out the club is struggling or something and randomly cancelling more events. Thanks!


This. The club is struggling and has cancelled a few events this year. A couple with short notice.


Thanks. A buddy and I were thinking of towing down for Sebring, storing the cars, and then running RA a month later. Be a bummer for one or both to cancel! Will look at other options . . .


Can still do it in reverse. NASA SE will be in RA in March then NASA FL will be in Sebring in April. We’d love to have you down!


We’re still waiting for all the schedules to come out to make a plan, but the idea was to get it done before the MW season starts at the end of March.

Know the specific dates for those events yet?


Mar 14-16, Road Atlanta
Working on seeing if we have the April date yet.


I’m in Savannah, roughly halfway between Sebring and RA. Have guestroom and can find a place for your cars, if that helps your ultimate plan.


Thanks for the invite, Scott. We’re gonna wait and see what all the groups’ schedules look like and then figure it out.