Paul Poore Oil Pan - Temperature Sender Bung


Does anyone with a Pooresports pan know the thread size of the temperature sensor bung that was welded in? I pulled the stock pan last night to install this, but won’t have my gauges for another couple of weeks and I wanted to get a plug for the interim so that I can fire up the engine. - AB


Contact Jim Levie (username jlevie). Get an aluminum plug so it doesn’t stress the AL NPT threads.


Thanks Ranger. I sent him a PM. This will also allow me to buy the correct adapter for the gauge too. - AB


Paul Poore called me later this evening and let me know there were two sizes. The earlier models had a 1/8" NPT fitting, but the later ones he moved to a 1/2" NPT fitting to allow for both mechanical and electrical gauge senders. I have the later pan. - AB