Oil temp and pressure in one


I have come across something interesting. A dual pressure/temp sensor. The thread is apparently m10x1.0

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Does anyone have a way to find the connector?


The connector is a standard 4-pin female Deutsch available on ebay or most electronic suppliers.


Awesome, Thanks!


Where would you put it? Plumb it into oil cooler pipe? The only other place I could come up with was an oil filter sandwich adapter, but I tried that and got crazy high temp readings.


My current sensor is plumbed into the warning light port and has a warning light of its own. I would replace it with this and add a temp gauge.


That won’t work. A temp gauge has to be “in the stream”. Otherwise what you’re measuring is the temp of the block heating up the stationary oil in that channel that goes from oil galley to the port. Gonna be really hot too because the OEM oil pressure port is below the water jacket. The bottom of the cast iron block, that couple inches between water jacket and oil pan, gets hot as blazes. That’s what threw off my attempts to sense oil temp at the oil filter.


I ultimately settled on sensing oil temp in the pan. Drill a hole in the pan then weld or epoxy on a bung. Has to be as low on the pan as the curved shape will allow because the oil level drops surprisingly low on long straights where your engine winds out at high rpm.

My oil temp sensor is 1" from the bottom of the pan. If I run only 6qts of oil (I have no oil cooler) then my sensor will come uncovered on Rd Atlanta’s back stretch. When the engine goes to high rpm, the oil pump pulls oil out of the sump awful quick. It takes a couple seconds for the oil to return. The timing of that seems just right to damn near suck air, even tho there’s no turns in that stretch.


Yeah that +1 quart does miracles. I have a big issue with commitment towards holes in a pan.

About the location, you may be right, but these sensor are stationary diesel generator sensors from what I have seen. It does seem to plug right into the pressure port. Then again, if I have to use an adapter, I will end up further away from the “flow”

There is an access port for the oil level that I have replaced, maybe I could grab the oil oil level, reuse most of the sensor, but replace it with a temperature sensor. It does have two leads coming out of it.


A couple of months ago when I was ordering my exhaust, I asked Paul about the oil pans I’ve seen attributed to him. I never realized he started with a stock pan. But, point of this is, he was talking about starting to make a completely new pan (without using a stock pan) and one of the things he was going to put in was a bung for temp sensors. Never followed up, but might be worth a shot.


IMO, we should design a two piece pan. That way we could have a casting that has baffles on both sides!