New to spec


Hey guys im James from st.pete Florida Just picked my first e30 up a few months ago. Been working on getting it running still, ran when i bought it but just randomly stopped running. Some Florida guys might Recognize the PO Owns a shop in Tampa,FL named Tom.

its a 1985 325e Motor wise its stock, And has a ton of suspension goodies.

Mods -
IE stage 3 lowering springs
IE Front 25mm & Rear 22mm Lower adjustable Sway bars
IE Front & Rear Upper strut bars
IE Race camber plates
IE Rear shock Reinforcement Plates
Bilstein Sport shocks
Polly chassis bushings
E30 m3 Lower control arms
Adjustable End links
Stainless Brake lines
Slotted rotors
Aftermarket Header
Aftermarket Exhaust
Plastic Bumper conversion
Extended Wheel studs
4.10 Lsd

Plans -
Not sure yet either 2.7i Turbo build , Or do a m50 with s50 cams.
Roll bar
Custom gauge cluster
Aftermarket steering wheel
And what else pops up on the list.

Before i sold my old wheels.


Congrats on the car and welcome… but there’s nothing “spec” about it.


Yep, not sure why you signed up unless you plan to improve it and sell it to get a SpecE30.


So it has to be a 87-91 325i/is only? Is this what im reading?
Kinda lame, but actually yes i was on the market for a so called Spec e30 also but it was gonna be for Daily purposes. And i signed up because i like being a part of the e30 Community even if it isn’t a “SPEC”


Holy rules and Regulations Id have to detune my car to meet these requirements, If you really want a answer i joined to buy something off a member i seen while browsing, wasn’t aware that spec e30 was its own Race class and such.


In racing circles a “spec” class means that car mods are heavily restricted. Don’t get the idea that’s a bad thing, because it’s not. We are the #3 largest race class in the nation. Most every weekend year-'round there are SpecE30’s engaged in ferociously close racing. Because the car’s are extremely similar, if I get my but kicked it’s because I suck. Not because the other guy is an orthopaedic surgeon and has $50k into his car and testing. I’m ok losing if I suck. I just don’t want to lose because the other guy has deeper pockets.

The other advantage of very limited mods is that it keeps the budget under control. Ready to race podium contenders range range from $6k for an ugly duckling to $14k for something really cherry.

It’s really just an M20B25 equipped e30 with a spec’d out suspension.


Oh i totally understand, I just wasn’t aware of the whole SPECe30 class and such, i just thought it was a site devoted to People who track their e30’s now i see its much more.

So Would i be allowed to Swap a m20b25 into my car and go from there or does it have to be a Original factory b25 car?


Swap is fine. The nice thing about early cars is that they have stout bumpers. The girly bumpers that come on late model cars are nice for a prom date, but explode into shards if whacked.


Good to know, yeah if i can ever Find a local b25 To grab i am, hopefully i find something soon cause my Eta is on its last Leg of life. and to bad my car has plastic bumper conversion even though they are mostly all cracked to shit already.