Spec E30


I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Larry Marks. I will be racing my first year in Spec E30 in NASA NE this upcoming season. I raced the last two years in GTS2. With college tuition for the next 8 years, I decided to bail on GTS (means Get To Spending). I was getting financially exhausted from all the development costs. I just want to race and not worry if the car next to me added a bigger wing, bigger tires or modern ABS.

I picked up a Spec E30 at the end of December. It needs a little work, but it is a good starting point. I am still trying to sell my GTS2 car:

If anyone knows someone who wants a well sorted car, have them contact me.

Looking forward to learning how to drive a Spec E30 and continue my improvement as a driver.


Hey, that’s awesome @Nomowhale! You made the right call. I used to race GTS2 back in the day as well… SpecE30 is a lot more fun. And cheaper to run!


@juliancates, good to hear you made the same switch and are happy with it. I am not sure how long ago you ran GTS2, but it has turned into a spending war. Just crazy money being spent on improvements and other things. Tires alone are a mortgage payment. I built my car in 2016 and it was obsolete after 4 races. I am really excited about just racing.


@Nomowhale Exactly! I did GTS2 around 2010, and even then just showing up with fresh Hoosiers every weekend was a challenge. Plus, it never had the fields that SpecE30 does. There I was racing in a field of 5 or so, here it’s 20-30. The racing is super close, and the camaraderie is even closer. Can’t beat it!


We normally had fields of 5 to 6 the last two years. We should have about 15 in Spec E30 up here in the Northeast this year.


Welcome @Nomowhale. Definitely made the right call. The fun per dollar value of Spec E30 is second to none. The support is pretty incredible too, which is ultimately what make the class successful. You’ll have a grand time!


Thanks @phastafrican. Can’t wait to drive my car on track. I have only driven it onto my trailer. Hindsight is 20-20, but I wished I had gone Spec E30 2 years ago. My wallet would have appreciated it. Live and learn.


It’s a very common sentiment. I should have done it from Day 1 4 years ago but as you said:

Better late than never!


What class did you start in?


PTD with a Scion FR-S. Amazing car to drive, but costs did not justify the reward. Would always have some issue and not enough available body of knowledge to help me resolve them. Had been planning to sell it after getting some issues sorted out, but ultimately had a big enough crash that made it easy to walk away from the car at the end of 2016.


Wow. Awesome car. I have never seen one up here racing in the Northeast. Sorry you had to walk away from the car. I had a crash in the summer of 2016. It was not cheap to fix.


Helped with the appreciation of Spec E30 even more.


Hey Larry. We talked at the Glen about you possibly making the switch. Glad you made the choice. You’ll have fun.


I remember the conversation Jim. I appreciated the time you took to talk to me about it. I am really looking forward to this season. I am starting from scratch again having to learn to drive a different car, but I am looking forward to getting better.