New SE30 build


I posted this on the Midwest section, since I will be up there some and the thread forum is more active, but I am technically in the Central region, so I figured I should post it here, too.

I’ve started working on the new SE30 car. Lots to do, but the build thread is here:

Since our Chump Car racer is mostly done for now, I’ll be focusing on Nikita (my SE30 car) for awhile.



You’re doing it to that car? You are a sick man.


Wut? Why do you say that?


I think he means its too nice



You know, I’d really rather be in a clean, solid, rust-free car while hurtling around the racetrack!

I’ve got an E30 sedan (M50-swapped, Bilstien Sports, H&R Race, SS lines, Poly bushings, E36 steering rack, E36 M3 shifter, etc) that’s my DD. And I Chump Race a true beater E30. I want this to be prepared incredibly well, and to look sharp, too!


Yah, Robert is an E30 preservationist and cringes when good E30s get put in harm’s way.


Gotcha. Sorry Robert! jhowever, I can think of no more noble life for an E30 than one of Motorsport!


It better be finished before I get back from Afghanistan! I know where you live…


I’m working on it, I’m working on it!!

Heater Core comes out this coming weekend. Then I can finish getting the last bits of tar out of the cabin.

Going to do the PS delete this weekend as well…


Yes I mean’t it is way to nice to be a racecar. What I did to an 87’is ten years ago I should ignore.