New race Winners at RRR


So, the usual results on Saturday.
Saturday: Eskew, Sandro and Clark had a race all to themselves for 1, 2, and 3.

Talent, talent, talent.

On Sunday the rain skeered 'em off. They went running for shelter. The real racers held out for a race in the rain.

Rain racing (snow too, ask Johan) is a great test of talent and we have three first time podium finishers to recognize:

Barry Zurbuchen
Chris Towe (rookie sensation, great job)
Walter Araya

Congratulations guys, these podium finishes are difficult to come by.




Oops, thought this was to be in the Southeast area…It is in general discussion. If anyone Knows how to move it or duplicate it into the right area, thanks.



Really, congratulations guys. Are you busy using your 15 minutes of fame and fortune on cheap tequila?



Thanks Robert and it was great to meet you. Looking forward to racing with and learning from all of you. I think I missed out on the fortune though, maybe left too early? I got the cheap tequila covered though.



Chris, we’ll "talk up’ these new podium dudes at the CMP event.
More fame and fortune to follow.