Need Roll Bar for DE


Ok - I have the E30 back on the road - and need to keep it liveable on the street while making it decent for me and a passenger for DEs.

The current interior (non sport seats) are trashed - instead of trying to buy some used sport seats, I rather buy a decent FIA seat for me - and adapt a Sparco EVO seat I have for the passenger. So… Seats are Job 1. Whatever seat I buy for me, I want to be legal for Spec E30.

Job 2 is a roll bar/harness bar. I’d like to put decent harnesses in for DEs - and again I want my harness to be legal when it becomes a Spec car. I priced a full weld in cage from Kirk last year at about $1000 - and 4 point bolt in bars from VSR? appear to be about $700. I really don’t want to buy a 4 point bolt-in bar and then have to throw it away and buy a cage kit. But can’t do a full cage now if the car is going to be driven at least 1 or 2 days per week as my commuter.

Maybe buy a full cage kit and only install the rear portion? I’m thinking a bolt it cage kit might be better than a weld-in since I hopefully won’t have to remove as much of my interior/set it on fire trying to weld it in?

Anybody got an old 4 point bolt-in bar and/or racing harnesses they want to sell?

And yes - I’m in Texas - so shipping from east or west coast is probably going to be required… And yes I know bars/cages are no fun to ship…




If you were closer, I’d say for you to come get the Kirk cage from the 96 car. Since it is a weld in cage, shipping wouldn’t be much of an option.


Have you thought about taking out your sun roof and cassete? You should do this before you install a weld in cage or roll hoop. When you do, it will give you about 2 inches of extra headroom and you will also lose the headliner. If you want to leave the interior (headliner) in place, a 4 point bolt in roll bar would be your best bet. You could sell it when you install a full cage. The sun roof would be very hard to remove after a weld in roll bar was installed. Another thing to keep in mind is the difficulty of adding the front half of a roll cage when the rear half is already welded in. Good luck with your project.


Jim L -the offer of a Kirk Cage is tempting, is it a full cage or a half cage? I have this crazy idea of a road trip to the Daytona 24 for the GRM party. Maybe I could swing by and pick it up? Is it still welded in the car?

And when I wake up from my dream, maybe I’ll mail you some saws-all blades so you can cut it down to size for shipping :slight_smile:

Zumm - your points about sunroof removal and welding in the front half later are noted - I probably would not have thought of either…

If I do try the Daytona road trip, that does open the possibility for anyone having a cage or roll bar - between Texas and Florida - along I-10 or I-75 ? I guess the other option would be to pick up a new cage or bar from Kirk Racing in Alabama. I assume a bar or partial cage would fit in the back of my short bed GMC pickup?

I’m going to go calculate the mileage and gas bill… hmmm


Ouch - Mt Olive, AL (Kirk Racing) is not exactly on the way to Daytona…


My buddy has a 4 pt. bolt in Kirk bar that he might sell you. Have to ship it from N.C. PM me and I’ll send you his email address if you are interested.


I know it’s not a popular answer and no one cares to recommend this, but I am not of the same mindset. And though I am suggesting it and planning the same for myself, I don’t offer this in anyway other than internet based advice and I provide no actual knowledge of it’s suitability for the intended use…

Asside from that…

Autopower sells a bolt in (that you can weld in)… They sell a “1/2 cage” for which you can buy the additional front weld-in bars later on…

I am planning to do this, I will be buying the Autopower “half cage” and buy the additional weld in parts later on when the car is ready. $890



I have a Kirk 6 point bolt-in available. It could be easily made into a 4 point, by grinding the door and A-pillar mounts off. I’ll get some pics up shortly. If you’re interested PM or email me and I can check on shipping options. I’m in Ohio…not exactly close to TX but it might save you some bucks. [file name=Cage_024sm.jpg size=53034][/file]


Anyone have a Kirk bolt in 4 point roll bar for E30 for sale? I’m looking for one for my HPDE car.

Also need seat mounts too to mount an Ultrashield aluminum seat.