Need a gutted door picture for NASCAR bars


I’ve found a ton of pictures of peoples’ NASCAR-style bars but no pictures of the door they’ve gutted to accommodate them. Can someone post/snap a quick picture of their doors? I’d like to see what all you cut out.



Here is where Kirk cut my doors for my NASCAR bars:


You remove just about everything except the handle. Trim as much as you dare…


For an even cleaner look, we trim out everything and then use a length of cable with clear plastic suspended between the lock mechanism and the opposite side. Will go snap a pic this afternoon and post it.


Thanks for the pictures guys! That’s exactly what I needed.

How did you cut out the metal? I’m probably going to use a jigsaw or a sawzall.

Sounds interesting.


I would worry about hitting the outer door skin with a sawzall. I would go with a cut off wheel or an air saw.


Agreed. Use a grinder with a cutoff wheel.


I have cut 40+ doors out, tried everything, the cutoff wheel is the best.


Here is the pics from my car (sorry for the poor quality photos, it’s parked up against the fence with the suspension torn apart)