NASA NOLA Region May Event


Figured I would put this here since there isn’t a NOLA region forum. I think I am the first SpecE30 to run at the new track in NOLA. There are two configurations open right now, a 1.8 mile and a 2.6 mile I believe. We ran the 1.8 mile setup this weekend, but they plan to alternate throughout the year. The format was 30 minutes morning practice, 20 minute qualifying, 20 minute heat race, and 30 minute feature race on both days. Hard to beat 200 minutes of track time for $300 for the weekend. I however, would have preferred a 50 minute race as after the 20 minute race I was already spent. I skipped the feature race on Sunday to head for home a little earlier, and I don’t care about points. The NASA Texas region donated one of their race directors, and the racers meeting was held before qualifying and was very short. It was very different than any other meeting I have been to because we didn’t have grid sheets and we didn’t discuss how to line up or if there was a pace car and what to do if a double yellow comes out. Luckily we had no double yellows and we just kind of fell into a double file start behind the pace car. Here are the videos from the three races. The most important thing is I was able to beat the PTE CRX and the 4 or 5 Spec Miatas in each race. I got to pass at least one car in each race which was nice and ended up the meat in a Spec Miata sandwhich on Sunday due to qualifying poorly thanks to trying 4th gear in turn 1. Luckily I was able to beat the three of them to turn 1.

Saturday Heat Race:

Saturday Feature Race:

Sunday Heat Race:

As always I am open to criticism to try and improve. I got fuel starvation towards the end of the Saturday Feature race as I forgot to fill up before the race. It only occured in the final corner, and by taking it easy and changing my line I was able to keep the fuel where I needed. I didn’t actually know that the fuel gage red area lit up when we get low on fuel. :lol: I also noticed that my temps are still not where they were prior to overheating the motor late last year. The motor still runs good, but I am assuming something is wrong and is pressurizing the cooling system or something as I have bled it multiple times. Would be nice to get at least 3 SpecE30s out to a NOLA event next year so we can show the decent Spec Miata contingent how to put on a good show.


I’ll throw a thought out there. In the Sat Feature where you started behind the camaro, you stayed behind the camaro and the CRX got you on the outside. At the start, you had the choice to stay behind the camaro or get behind the sentra (and in front of the CRX). Which car would be best to be following into a braking zone and turn–the sentra or a 1987 Camaro trying to tip toe around the inside of T1? Answer: that camaro has “front end of the accordian” written all over it! Had you tucked in behind the sentra, you might have passed the camaro into T1, and you definitely would have stayed ahead of the CRX (and maybe he gets stuck behind the camaro).


To belabor this point, whenever you are behind a 2-wide situation you have an absolutely critical decision to make. You must determine which of those two is going to win and you must do it very very early so you can get on their rear bumper like paint before they pull ahead.

Whichever of the 2 cars in front of you is chosen, the guy behind you is going to choose the other. If it turns out that you chose poorly, the guy behind you is going to become the guy in front of you.

My point is that no matter how overworked your brain cells are at the key juncture, recognize that this is a critical moment and focus enough bandwidth on the issue such that you can make a reasoned choice nice and early.

Or pause a moment, see what I do and get behind the other guy. Inevitably I will have chosen wrong and I’ll be on your rear bumper gnashing my teeth.


Good advice. I hadn’t really thought about that. At the race start I tend to just stay in a straight line unless I am gaining on the car in front of me and I have an open lane to one side of the other. I haven’t even been considering the two cars that are in front of me of course generally those should be SpecE30s and then it is a crapshoot on who gets a better jump at the green flag. I recognize that it is a long race, and I won’t win it before I get through turn 1 safely.


Yes, but don’t underestimate the importance of gaining positions at the start. The start is the ONLY opportunity to pass alot of cars quickly. Every in-class car you pass is a guy that has to repass you to beat you, and every out of class car you pass is a car that the SE30 behind you has to pass before he can challenge you.


Have any any SE30s been participating in this region? I’ll be at the race first week in Nov if anyone has a car to rent!


I do not believe the NOLA region has any SE30s that call the region home. One of the Mid South region racers, Brian Edmonds, will be at the event you are attending. His father, Oscar, also has an SE30 and will be driving in DE3.


I will be out of town, or you could have rented mine. As mentioned, there are no SpecE30s in the NOLA region that I know of. I am probably the closest at 3 hours away.


I might be interested in renting again for this coming race weekend, if I can get my gear together.