NASA Midwest at Autobahn (July) video/pic thread


I’ll get a full write up in soon, but here’s my sunday video. Jeff Herrmann and I swap places 4 times over the 40 min race.


And my Saturday video:




The stars dotting the clear Friday night sky aligned over Autobahn Country Club to bring together six Spec E30s for round four of the 2013 Midwest season. Ryan Ciechanski came out to take a bite out of Rob Rhodes’ season point lead, and the West Coaster from “across the pond”, Kieran Gobey made his Midwest debut. Defending champ Tom Tiede dusted off the car and packed the baby bjorn for his first race weekend sharing the car with GTS veteran, Jeff Herrmann. Kyle Burkhardt and Rich Friman rounded out the class.

Saturday’s weather was made to order. Low-80s and clear skies. Tiede managed to shake off the cobwebs quickly and posted the fastest time in qualifying with a 1:42.942, followed by Ciechanski’s 1:43.350 and Rhodes at 1:44.596. In the race, Tiede and Ciechanski battled hard for the lead until Tiede finally got hung up behind a Spec Miata. In the end, Ciechanski finished 7 seconds ahead of Tiede and claimed the fast lap of the day (1:42.270) along with the $100 Bimmerworld certificate. They were followed by Burkhardt who had to work from last to third because a loose coil wire kept him out of qualifying. Burkhardt dispatched Friman and Gobey in the first lap, but had to fight Rhodes for several laps before Rodes slid off track at T11. Friman’s 6th place finish earned him a new set of Performance Friction pads compliments of Bimmerworld!

Heat and Humidity invited themselves to Sunday’s race. Ciechanski found more than a second in qualifying (1:42.251). Burkhardt rounded out Row 1 with a 1:44.168 despite getting no clear track. Herrmann put Tiede’s car into P3, followed by Gobey, Rhodes, and Friman. Everyone lined up for a standing start. Burkhardt got a bit of a jump, but Ciechanski was able to get by going through T2 with Herrmann following behind him. Burkhardt and Herrmann battled it out the entire 40 minutes, changing positions 4 times. Burkhardt got the last pass with just a handful of laps left and took advantage of traffic to ward off any further challenges by Herrmann. Meanwhile, Ciechanski cruised to his second win in as many days and another fastest lap (1:42.144). Gobey took a solid 4th followed by Rhodes and Friman.

Finally, we wanted to give recognition to the front runner for the Midwest Spec E30 hard charger award–Jeff Niswander. Jeff was supposed to attend comp school in April, but a late engine fire prevented him from making the school, but not the event. Then, shortly before the latest event, he blew up his motor at a DE. Well, as the rest of the group was setting up the paddock on Friday, Jeff (with assistance from Calvin Brandt) managed to build and install a new M20 in about 12 hours. Jeff made it to the track on Saturday morning and ran all weekend in Time Trials without a problem! Here’s hoping the third time’s the charm, Jeff!

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[quote=“cosm3os” post=73214]Pics!

Anyone know what wheels these are?


CH CH CH chia!


Steiner Model WHS043 harvester wheel


[quote=“RRhodes” post=73369]Steiner Model WHS043 harvester wheel[/quote]

I’ll admit, I was gullible enough to click the link. :pinch:

However I would still be curious to get the real answer.


Sorry, I thought you were kidding. They’re Drags. I think it’s the DR-37 model but I’d have to go back and check. Not especially light, not especially heavy but $100 a pop at Discount Tire Direct w. free shipping.|1987&pc=51476