NASA Florida 2014 Schedule


Anyone else as anxious as I am to start racing again… :woohoo:
When are we expecting to get the dates for the 2014 schedule?


The first race will be at Homestead in March. Not sure what weekend yet, but I think mid to late March. April will be Sebring. I know Jon is working hard to get the dates, just waiting on tracks to get back with him.

Halloween weekend/Nov 1 will be a joint SE/FL event at Daytona.

Think there will be 6 events (maybe 5) for 2014.


Yeah thats about as much as I know too. I’m just wondering when the official schedule comes out.


Thanks though :slight_smile:


Seeing that your other half is on the NASA FL “Officials” email list, you should know before the masses :stuck_out_tongue:


So, it looks like we will be having a joint NASA FL / BMWCCA event at Sebring March 29-30. Rest of schedule still in the air.


Most regions in colder areas haven’t finished their 2013 season yet. Come on up to Memphis next weekend, and I will show you the fast way around. :smiley:


Memphis, Id love to but thats a long haul from South Florida.


Despite the fact that I rarely show up anymore, I think we should have a “fiscal” season bginning in October and ending in May. Why the heck do we follow the same season as the northerers?



Don I agree 100%. The weather currently is perfect down here for racing, and we have to wait until March…



I certainly appreciate the desires expressed here, but the simple fact is that not enough people signed up for “winter” events when they were tried in the past. All these events need to do is pay for themselves and pay their fair share of the many yearly expenses, but no event I could find in the database that has been tried during these months in the past (Nov @ HMS through 2011, Dec @ PBIR through 2010, Jan @ HMS through 2013) has ever come close to that. You all understand that we can only lose money on events for so long until there is no more NASA Florida program, yes?

Also the tracks are otherwise so busy during the “cold” months that we can’t get a weekend date at any of 'em anyway (I have certainly asked.) Other groups make this work somehow or take losses on their events just to get more dates on the books, but unfortunately it’s not something we can do anymore, out of financial necessity. Trust me I’d love for us to run an opposite season… but our members vote with their entries and those votes are for spring and fall events.

That said, you may have seen this on the Facebooks yesterday, we released a partial schedule:

Hopefully we can get some Homestead dates that will work… if they’ll ever return my emails/voicemails.

Thank you,



No Homestead dates needed. Too much of a haul. :smiley: