My exhaust arrived today!


This is what happens when you get stuff from your friends. I’ve known Walter Ford for nigh on 7 or 8 years now and I’m happy to know him. Which is why I laughed my butt off to what I saw on my front porch tonight. Despite what the packaging says, there’s really a SpecE30 exhaust in the box :smiley:


That’s awesome! :lol:


I forwarded your link to Walter and Alex (his shop manager) with a “ha ha”. Alex said he delivered the box to FedEx and it didn’t have the sign on it.

It would seem that maybe one of your neighbors “pranked” you!

It is funny! :laugh:


Funny, Walter called me last night and said that his guys didn’t do it. You might be right, Scott…I still laughed my a$$ off when I pulled up and saw it.


With a box of that size, it looks like you ordered the “Orgy Pack” :wink:


You might think of it like that, but you’ll be disappointed at what was inside…