MWSE30 Autobahn CC Write up and photo/video thread


Cold temperatures, 40mph wind gusts, and snow did not keep three Midwest Region Spec E30 drivers from opening the 2013 season at Autobahn Country Club. Speedy Ryan CieChanski, sophomore Rob Rhodes, and newly-minted Rich Friman were cheered on by four other SpecE30 drivers who, for various reasons, were unable to get their cars on track for Round 1. Unfortunately, an electrical problem and then a “small” fire prevented Jeff Niswander from making the school, and Series Director Kyle Burkhardt was still puting the final touches on his new car.

On Saturday, CieChanski (1:46.184) took the pole over Rhodes and Friman. In the race, Rhodes and CieChanski took the green and raced side by side through Turns 1,2 and the tricky Turn 3 before CieChanski edged ahead into Turn 4 and never looked back. Rhodes and Friman had off’s that ended their races prematurely, however both cars returned to the paddock to fight another day.

On Sunday, a shortened qualifying session put CieChanski back on the pole (1:42.422). Sunday’s race featured a standing start. Again, Rhodes and CieChanski got off well with CieChanski getting the advantage. Rhodes managed to keep CieChanski in sight for awhile, but CieChanski’s near record pace (best lap 1:41.949) led him to another comfortable win. Rhodes put in his personal best performance to date (best lap 1:44.147). Friman also improved his times and, more importantly, finished his first race weekend clean. Congratulations to Friman!

I know guys got more photos than me. Let’s see them and some vids too!


A few photos to get the thread rolling

Paddock shots:

What happens when you overcook turn 5, dance on the ruble strips, hook back across the track, slide in wet soggy grass down hill towards the corner station at six and gently meet the tire wall…

Hose it down and all good for racing on Sunday


Friday race school weather…20s, grey skies, flurries.


Where’s the video?


I have video, but I am data limited and cannot upload at home. Must do it from work, and I will have to edit the video length. Yeah, its 70deg. and sunny today. Not inside for long.


Trying to upload some now

Our Future SE30


Video is up for the Race on the 21st.

Wish I could have figured out the gopro on Saturday but no such luck. Would have been nice to catch the looping into the tire wall. The comment in the video on the grass skids is wrong (first set of marks, the second is from the tow vehicle)

Still in DE mode and have a lot to (un)learn.


Great pics Kieran. Thanks. Did these come off of your phone or did you get your SLR to work?


These are off the phone - turns out my SD card was ok, but the format was RAW and there wasn’t enough space left!!!



I had a few pops last night and messed around with windows movie maker. Managed to head to the library today and actually upload the video from Sunday.