MSR Houston Sept 26-27?


Anyone planning on making the trip to Houston in a few weeks?


Unfortunately, I’m not… my next event will be TWS in October


I might make it to Houston for a just-Saturday HPDE. Work travel on Sunday.

In other news, the E30 is now stripped and caged. I’ll post some pictures of the process soon. Dangerously close to being finished for Spec! Still waiting on that driver to catch up to the rest of the car.

I’ll see you guys at TWS in October (and maybe again next Spring I hear?)


Zach it’s great to hear you have the cage done and are getting close! Get those pics posted! (maybe you can update your ‘dirty e30’ profile pic as well…)


Some day when it’s legal to wash your car in Austin again… until then, dirty it is!

Really, my paint scheme is saving the environment