Moving down south in may


Just introducing myself. Me and the woman are moving down to South Carolina in may. Cant wait to join the southeast fun. Hoping to make at the very least 1 weekend before the end of the season. However 2018 looks more realistic.

I raced with some of you at the ecc last year but fought with my car all weekend. Im excited to get to know and join you maniacs out there.

Larry C.
Se30 #190

Dont worry im planning on leaving the ny attitude in ny


You are going to have a total blast. A couple hours into your first SE, you’ll be dancing on tables with a lampshade on your head exclaiming “Holy shit, you guys are crazy”.


You can’t leave the NE larro. You were just getting started.

You might be able to leave the attitude, but you won’t be able to leave the accent!

Good luck to you’ze guys. Or is it y’all?