Miller full track June 13-15, 2008


start planning now to make the trek to Utah for the NASA RM weekend at Miller next June 13-15, 2008. It will be the full 4.5mile track.

This is a can’t miss event!


(and for Rich, the unicorn will be at this event!)


Hey Bruce,

Just curious…how many SpecE30s do you think will be racing next year in your region?

We’re hoping for ~6 in NorCal in 2008. Miller sounds fun…killer tow…(633 miles) from Sacramento…but a lot shorter than to MidOhio (right Walter!)

Scott Neville


Hi Scott,
there are at least 5 cars in the works but some drivers still have to get comp licenses.
It is about 560 miles from here also, so the perfect place to meet in the middle! :wink:


Glad to hear you are racing at Miller!!! You will love the track. I am still trying to get a car ready so I can get the license, but at least I can get a close look at some cars to see how I need to build my car!!::cheer:


I certainly hope the unicorn will grace us with its prsence. :laugh:

That sounds awesome! Cant wait to see this facility. And actualy be W2W racing! I plan to take the comp school in a few weeks at Sandia. I just want to show up thos 944s! :kiss:

By next year, I hope to have a few more things done to the E30 and be more competitive in a group. Since, we have no group yet! :dry:


I am very interested in running at Miller and will probably circle this one on the ole calendar for next year!

Scott, maybe we can get a few guys to caravan out - I know some RX-7 guys that are looking for a Miller date too.



I wanted to bump this thread as there has been some interest in Miller from some of my non-spec e30 track buddies, thinking about caravaning out. This could be an awesome event to have people from all over the west come together and have a great time. I’ve driven to SLC from both Denver and California and it’s about 8-10 hours each way so could be done in a 4 day weekend easily.

I will link to this thread in the Norcal region. I know it’s early but can we see who is definitely going, or maybe going and would you race or HPDE? We might be able to get 10 or 12 cars on a track that I hear is hella fun and long (over 4 miles!)

I’ll start, I’m a definite maybe and would race. If enough cars are there to play, I am in.


ALOT Shorter! I would think about it. I am sitting out the Nationals unless they decide to tear down engines. It isn’t worth driving that far and not have any tech worth talking about.


vmwerks wrote:

Sorry to hear that Walter. Mind you tear downs or not that is a serious investment in towing and time off to come all the way from Cali! I wouldn’t blame you for not coming based on that alone. I don’t think we will see tear downs for a long time, and personally I don’t really want to see it. For now I think the dyno check is the best we can resonably expect. I think the Spec Miatas were the only ones that got seriously tech’d and they had 60 cars and were racing for a paid ride in MX-5 cup. Overall I’m pretty happy with Nationals, my only gripe is the amount of track time, but I’m not sure how you would solve that one with the amount of cars and groups there.


I just registered for Miller - hope to have some e30 company!


vmwerks wrote:

Spec E30 will work with NASA officials to determine what kind of tech will be appropriate for the National Championship. And we might ask for help and support from the group.

While we certainly understand that towing from either coast is a big investment, we want to do what’s best for the racers and will be taking suggestions from the group as we get closer to that event.



I will be a spectator this weekend but I would really like to look at these cars so I make the right changes to my car, I have a lot of questions and if anyone needs any help when you are at miller I can lend a hand.


I’ll be there - hopefully not the only one there.

I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions with the great wisdom that I’ve gained over my two full weekends of e30 racing.



I look forward to meeting you and getting a look at a car or two. See you then.


Coloradomark wrote:

[quote]I’ll be there - hopefully not the only one there.

I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions with the great wisdom that I’ve gained over my two full weekends of e30 racing.

Mark[/quote]Mark, it was great to meet you this past weekend! It was fun hanging out and getting to see the spec e 30 car in action! if they run anything like the 944 group, it is going to be fun when it takes off out here. We need to get more people into this in Utah. Thanks again mark. I should have went for a ride.


It was nice to meet you and your family. Get working on the sedan and get out here!