Might move west


I have a e30 I am buiding. Its a strong engine and mostly built car. I was starting on my rollcage but I have also been interviewing for a new job. I have a job that is looking good and I may be moving out west.

I know the e30 movement is growing out there. Not as big as it is on east coast. But wanted to know before I moved and relocated my car if it’s worth it or if I should sell here and get other car thats big out there.

My question for you guys is-

how many guys are raceing e30s in rocky mtn chapter?
how many are building cars?
how many race do you have on your season?
is towing thru mountains hard?



I’m about ready to pull the trigger on an existing car. To my knowledge, I may be pioneering for awhile and just out there to harass the 944’s.
Number of races depends on how far you wish to travel. Second Creek Raceway in Denver was shut down a few years ago. We’ve been restricted to Pueblo (Good track cheesey facilities) and LaJunta (hot, poor facilities) in Colorado. Miller is 8 hours from Denver to the west, Hastings and Topeka about the same distance to the east.
NASARM has 4 weekends currently on their schedule.
I’m not the person to ask about towing, the last time I towed a race car through the mountains it was a formula ford behind my '69 Z-28 Camaro on an open trailer. Never knew it was there!


Hi Ted,
I know of about 5 or 6 Spec e30 cars under construction in the RM region and I suspect that number will grow fairly quickly once a few of them are on track. If Mark gets his, there will be two on track in March at Pueblo (another Mark, coincidentally). The only track that you might tow from Denver through the mountains to is Miller, and many will go up to I80 and go across Wyoming where the mountains are less severe. Nobody is running in it yet, but there is also a regional class for Spec E30 in SCCA here.

It would be great to have you join us.