M3Rob95 "Reskew" New to the SE30 Boards.... HELLO!


Just wanted to post my first thread introducing myself and my team over here at Markert Motor Works.

We have been big fans of the Spec E36 class with the BMWCCA for the reason that it is more about the driver versus someone’s ability to win races with their pocketbook. We just took home 3 wins and the SE36 track record at this last VIR event with only 177 wheel HP. Sandro whom I am sure many of you know, let me drive his SE30 down at RRR one weekend last year in 2013 with NASA, and I was hooked! I will be sure to share some of the go-pro footage of the action. It will speak for itself :wink:

I am currently building a bottom up SE30 and will be documenting the build. If anyone needs help with vehicle prep, BMW tuning, etc., please feel free to drop me a line!

Thanks everyone and I look forward to meeting everyone and running with yall at Road Atlanta in August.