M36 Getrag 5 from 96 328i into my 325 non seta


Hello, sorry if this is a noobish question, this is my first E30 and its an earlier date 6/87 pre super eta model 325E with an automatic trans, (Picked it up super clean for $400 so i consider it a bargain for a rust free e30 to build upon) anyway, Im obviously interested in doing an engine swap, but until I find the right m50 I have an offer of $200 for a Getrag 5 speed manual trans from a 96 e36 328i with 130k miles on it. he also has all the parts from the 328i to do the manual swap which would bring the price up to $450. Ive been looking around for about an hour but cant come up with a definite answer. Will the getrag work with my stock configuration until i put the m50 in? Obviously Ill need a new drive shaft and possibly flywheel along with other manual trans swap parts and clutch pedal assembly, I know my car has a LSD, just not sure the ratio of it at this point. I’m just curious what you guys think and if this is a good deal. Also I cant seem to find what model getrag 5 speed was used on this 328i, if you know id appreciate the help, really appreciate it!


if you are building a spec e30 none of those parts will work. you need an m20 motor and a Getrag 260 transmission.


That trans will not work with your ETA motor. You’ll need a manual transmission from an ETA car because the ETA crank position sensors are mounted to the bell housing. Non ETA trans do not have the holes for the sensors.


Your positive about that? Ive read from numerous sources there are ways around the bell housing sensors.