Looking for Vendor for Race Decals


I’ve contacted three different places in the Raleigh and Greensboro area, and no one is willing to produce the decals I need for spec e30. Also, I’m trying to put some simple stripes on the car, and they won’t do that either.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a shop that will actually do this kind of work? I’ll put the decals on myself, if need be. I know how.

Thanks in advance for any advice/recommendations.



Try calling Tiffany at Fishhead graphics 770-205-8587 Atlanta GA area)



There’s lots of outfits on the web that do this sort of thing. Some of them are run by racers. See TrackDecal.com and TrackDecals.com.


Bob, are you in Raleigh?

I have a small vinyl cutter (12"), and for many decals I just cut my own. Happy to work with you on the smaller stuff.