Looking for Spec E30 for sale


Hey guys, been racing in 944 Spec in So-Cal and looking to add a SpecE30 to my garage to come racing with you all.

Let me know if you have a complete racecar for sale or if you know where a good donor car is.


Charlie Buzzetti
805-286-1732 cell


I have 3 spec e30’s and looking to sell one or two of them.

give me a call tomorrow at my shop if you want to talk.




This month’s Roundel has one listed at $9k obo. From the ad, seemed liked a great buy.



I am also looking for a Spec E30 car. What do you have for sale?


scott clough also has a spec e30 for sale with a new motor.
with good hp and torque ready to go well taken care of


[attachment:1]C:\fakepath\Nate’s First Race GTS2 4-13-2013 002.JPG[/attachment]


A picture of my car


We also have a Spec E30 up for sale.
Very well configured and solidly built. Very few hours on the rebuilt motor, clutch and diff.


Thank you all, looking at a few cars on Monday.


The Sykes #75 car is well built and has top of the line equipment.

Worth a serious look Chuck.


Thanks guys,
I bought a partial built car from BTM and I am in the process of getting it completed.
Should be done in a couple of weeks.
Its an 87 4 door with fresh black paint.
Looking forward to mixing it up in So and Nor Cal.

See you all out there.


Hurry up! Season starting! :slight_smile:

Cant wait to have you out there with us Charles!


Another new car on Grid! :stuck_out_tongue:

Brad’s good people. Glad he helped you get on the path.


[quote=“SurferShawn” post=75836]Hurry up! Season starting! :slight_smile:

Cant wait to have you out there with us Charles![/quote]

Seriously? Have you seen his times in 944? Personally, I wouldn’t mind if he waited a season or two…:laugh:

Chuck is going to be a great addition to SE30…nice guy and hell of a shoe! What more could you ask for?

Personally, I think he’s ugly and his mommy dresses him funny…all day long, Brother!

Welcome to SoCal Buz!


Fat Bastard


Looking forward to the challenge and competition. And really looking forward to some standing starts.

Yes my mother dresses me funny but thats the way I like it! :slight_smile:


NICE!! Buz is going to fit in just fine!

Now we just gotta get Richmond & Atteberry and to convert so we can screw with them!


I think they are going to be happy to see me go.

It will open a spot in front of them :slight_smile:

Congrats on the Regional Championship Steve!

You guys look like you are having too much fun.



We joke a ton and genuinely enjoy hanging out together.

We really are having a ball out there. Yeah, we can get a bit competitive, but we all work with each other make sure we all get out on grid.

Again, I think you’ll fit right in and really like the fellas! Well, except for Mitch…he ain’t right. Oh, and neither is Sean. Come to think of it, Allan is a dumb blonde and Erick can’t find 2nd gear. Ya know, Matt likes to jump his car, Georgio can’t figure out which pedal is which, Rius doesn’t believe in brakes and JoJo’s car hates him. Furthermore, Dave drives using the force, Frank thinks the whole track is his own personal apex, Steffen has a V8 under the hood and Ken has to wear a helmet even when he’s not on track. But Chris is a nice guy…

Welcome to Spec E30 baby!


Oh yeah Im gonna fit right in. Bwwwaaaaa. Hahahaha.


Welcome Buzz! I am looking forward to racing with you.

Steve, that is a great description of our drivers. I do not think anybody could have put it better. Buzz are you sure you are ready for this?