Looking for an e30


Hey all,

First, great news on Byers and PPIR. Glad to see some tracks come back to the Denver-ish area. My family is from Denver, when we’re back this summer I’ll come by to meet and/or race (if I can find a rental).

Anyone know of the Miller date this year?

Finally, my brother Tim lives in Denver and wants to start tracking a 325i or IS. He’s looking for one that’s streetable and legal, but not daily driver so not perfect.



craigslist has them regularly these days. crazedlist.org enables a wider search more easily.

PPIR is supposed to reveal their “motorsports mecca” plans at the mid-Jan local SCCA convention. Arie Luyendyk is also going to drive the new HPR track (nobody has been allowed on it yet) and give his impressions at a local fundraiser that weekend.

NASA RM is currently not planning a Miller date other than Nationals.