Let's Try This Again - Spec E30 Coming to Arizona!


February 5th, 2013 - I’m buying a Spec E30 and bringing it to Arizona. I’m going to work on building the class here. Anyone care to join me? mark () markpowell dot com


Good Show Mark! I look forward to meeting you (and racing with you) this weekend at Sonoma. I’d also like to introduce you to Jerry K and get him plugged in that you’re taking the lead at buidling a SE30 class in Arizona.



Hopefully in the near future I would like to participate in SE30. Bring it to Phoenix :slight_smile:


It is here! I’ve raced it once at Firebird and twice in California. Here is a video from my race at Cal Speedway last weekend: http://vimeo.com/61154448

Let me know if you need any help getting started!



A few things need to happen. One I need to finish nursing school. Then once I have a job nursing I will have the funds to start building my car. I currently have a 84 325e. Either build that car or find a 325i. Even with a motor swap the cost seems to be the same, right around the 10k mark. I could probably do 50% of the work, I have a great Indy that could do the rest. What is the order to go racing? HPDE, Racing School, then go racing?



Good info on getting started here: http://spece30.com/faqs-usermenu-66/44-getting-started

You can start doing HPDE in your street car as soon as you have the entry funds available.


Great info, thanks. Now just to convince my wife to use her car :laugh: for some HPDE. 2002 M Roadster
I might go out and catch some action this weekend at Firebird, but will have to pass on the HPDE.


Hurry up! There was omly 4 of us at Chuckwalla this last weekend. Was a great time! Next season will be fun!


Build it and they will come!

If at all possible, I would love to make it out for some AZ events.

Really liked running with that group and Tage is a class act!


I am saving funds to build a Spec E30 just for this reason. I live in AZ and have been looking for something like this for a long time. I can’t wait to have an E30 and start racing it. Glad you guys brought it to AZ.


Welcome to addiction! Great group to run with and they love hanging out with each other off track. But on track…all business.

Mark Powell is in AZ and may be running more events in AZ than some of the SoCal guys are. Come on out to Cal Speedway if you can. Even if you are running HPDE, come meet the guys and have some fun.

Any questions or help needed, just ask!


Hey I really want to join you guys racing in AZ! I just started building my E30 (89 325i). It will take a few months but I am working with a pro to help me get her ready for the track. Are there any E30 races upcoming? Look forward to meeting all of you.


Our race in June at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana (CA) is a crossover event with AZ region. There are usually at least 10-12 of us out there. Come on out!



Could you give me some more details on the Fontana event? My car will not be ready by then but I would love to come out. Hope to see you there.


The fontana event was this past weekend. You can look up Socal Spec E30 on Facebook to keep up to speed on what they are doing.

I have a Spec E30 in North Phoenix, but I got tired of hauling to Socal. I’m planning to put my car on the market. I’m racing Formula Ford with Pro Auto Sports now.