Left foot braking???


When in the car the brake is far enough to the right and the clutch close enough that it seems between hard and impossible to left foot brake.

Is it possible? What is the technique in a Spec E30?






I left foot brake in corners that have decent amount of time to make sure my left foot is over the brake pedal (and don’t require a downshift). Pedal placement does not seem to be an issue for me. I’ve never accidentally pressed the wrong pedal. But you do need to train the sensitivity of your left foot. In my automatic cars I left foot brake all the time on the street.


I find it is easiest to module the brake rolling the foot over the left side of the pedal and then at the heel for higher pressure.

The video above suggested downshifting without the clutch, sort of a clutchless double clutching.

This Spec Miata driver mixes left and right foot braking. I love his 4 camera setup.



Ric McCormick at Sonoma. YouTube