Late to Early bumper swap


After I rearranged my fender on the back of Cody’s car as he was moving a GTS3 car out of the way, I’ve decided to look into the late to early bumper swap. My car is a 91. Is it a direct swap? what parts are needed?


2 bumper shocks and 2 plastic bits.

The front sheetmetal might be a little different too. I mean different in a way that matters. I’ve seen it done by BMW differently in different model years. That is to say, I’ve seen it as a separate piece, and I’ve seen it incorporated into the valance, the sheetmetal behind and below the front bumper. I’ll try to find a pic. The piece that I’m thinking about is about 1" high and 5’ long. It goes under the headlights and kind of behind the front bumper. The front rubber plastic trim fastens to it with sheetmetal screws.

2 bumper shocks and 3 plastic bits.


See piece 7. The # is hard to see because it’s grayed out. That’s the piece that the front plastic fastens to, but sometimes it’s not a separate piece. Sometimes it’s incorporated into the valance.