Late model all aluminum stock thickness radiator?


I saw my radiator was blowing bubbles at the top rear edge where the plastic endcaps and aluminum meet while winterizing. I’m wondering whether I can get a stock thickness radiator with welded aluminum endcaps. I want stock thickness because I’m running a spal puller.

I read the last two radiator threads and neither turned out well so I wasn’t going to resurrect them.

I also want a NIB late model expansion tank if anyone is selling. I replaced the cap before the last weekend and I’m still losing coolant either through the cap or the seam of the expansion tank.


I’m loving the Mishimoto unit!


I’m debating whether to give it a go with the welder when I get a break this winter. Once I blacken the old radiator I’ll probably buy the Mishimoto assuming it’s a direct fit. I’m afraid it’s going to be thicker and it’s already close.

"Accident Protection

Mishimoto, under its no questions asked warranty policy, will provide a warranty for all claims including vehicles involved in accidents. Warranty claims must include pictures of the accident and an official police report, and must be within three months of the accident."

That’s amazing. I wonder if the body contact forms are good enough.


This looks like an E36 fitment. Is it a bolt in for the E30? Nice score on the pricing.


The Mishimoto is E36 fitment which is the same as late model E30. It’s no thicker than stock.