Jump starting in you region


Bruce, et all :wink:

At the Infineon event this past weekend I had the pleasure of talking with Karl Bosch. He is very interested in getting some action going in your area. Bruce I think that you know him already right? Anyways I offered my support in his efforts to get the series going in Colorado. He has my number and email address. I am willing to hand over the blueprints for what I did to get all this going out here in California. I wish you guys all the best and good racing!

Walter Ford


Wow you guys really do need a kick start… :slight_smile:


not sure why I didn’t notice your first post above.
I do know Karl Bosch (I think Robert makes electronic stuff :wink: ). We will have a couple of cars at the next event, mine will be on track this summer, and there are a couple others in progress. I am betting that just getting some cars on track is the biggest impetus to others joining in. I will stay in touch.



Robert Bosch is the far removed relative… I meant that I was removed:lol: .

Bruce is right, it is Karl Bosch.

Official rumor has it that I will help “Jump Start” and support Spec E30 in the Rocky
Mountain Region. I am currently working on finding a couple of donor cars to start on
my end and parts and equipment for track support.

I’ll be away for about a week and a half.

Infeon had 11 Spec E30 entries and is growing!!! Thanks to Walter and his faithfull

Best Regards To All,

Markus (Karl) M. Bosch



I look forward to hearing about any plans from you and Bruce. Keep the updates coming.


Carter Hunt
Spec E30 National Series Director


DOUBLE DOH!!! I fixed my original post… Karl, did you make an offer on that car at Infineon?