Is this cage legal?


I’m looking to buy an E30 and was curious about if this cage looks legal or not?




No and it’s dangerous.




JBE30, that’s Jason’s post above with pics from the NASA CCR. Note that altho NASA would see the middle example as “acceptable”, SpecE30 would not. NASA’s cage guidance is re. safety. SpecE30’s cage guidance is re. competitive advantage and simplicity. The “acceptable” solution above ties in to the trunk in 4 points and that would make the cage a DQ.


I was afraid it wasn’t legal. Thanks for the help you guys are awesome. If anyone comes across a Se30 for sale let me know.


Wouldn’t be a big deal to fix the cage. Just have the seller take $1k off the price.


Is this the rule you are talking about? Any bolt-in or welded strut or shock tower brace is permitted, unless restricted in these regulations. Attachment points are limited to the shock towers. This single bar is not a part of the car’s roll cage structure and is not bound by CCR section 15.6.


I was wrong. It’s a NASA rule, not a SpecE30 rule.

15.6.13 Mounting Points
The roll cage shall be mounted to the floor area, which includes rocker panels, of the car in six, seven, or eight
points. The cage shall not go through the firewall. The seventh and eighth points must attach to the firewall or
front fender wells.

You get 6pts, plus some foot protection.


Well this car is a BMW CCA KP car. It would already need a good bit of work to convert to SE30 Stock head, headers, exhaust, GC springs etc. With enough money anything is possible but it seems I should be able to find a decent SE30 that is already spec ready. The cage not being legal currently is kind of the nail in the coffin for me.